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Accessibility logo designed by the United Nations, which is composed of a human figure that represents everyone without distinction, in turn is surrounded by a circle that represents Union. The entire design is gray


Web accessibility is a human right in the digital age.

In "Everything Accessible" we have invested time and resources so that people with disabilities visual, motor, auditory and cognitive can browse our website

Accessibility is met under the criteria of the international standard “Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0” created by the “Web Accessibility Initiative” working group of the “World Wide Web Consortium” at an “AA” conformance level and has been implemented satisfactorily by Accessibility Lab.

Some accessibility features are:

  • Mouse and keyboard navigation.
  • Link to jump to main content when navigating with keyboard.
  • Proper header structure.
  • Alternate description of images.
  • Descriptive texts of links.
  • High color contrasts between background and font.
  • Increase and decrease the font size without losing content.

Web accessibility offers equal opportunities and improves the quality of life of everyone, including people with disabilities.

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